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Edward H. Plumb was born in Streator, Illinois, in 1907. At the height of the motion picture heyday of the 1930s, Plum relocated to California to work in the film industry as a composer and orchestrator. He worked for several film studios, including Walt Disney Studios where he orchestrated...
The WWII Canteen Mural reflects upon the spirit of Streator's WWII Canteen. The canteen opened on Nov.26, 1943. During World War II, many of the troop trains came through the Streator Santa Fe station. Local citizens organized the Track side Streator Free Canteen, one of hundreds of canteen...
Historic Gas Station Located In Dwight, Illinois
May 19, 2021, NW Nebraska
Heighten shaker
2017 Blacktop Challenger RT
6.4 Intake manifold, hellcat lower air box with headlight tube
I call my charger FRIEZA you will see why not quite done yet but it’s looking good
MY second Dodge muscle, frist was a 383 68 Charger way back in high school class of 86 found this car at car max with less then 8K on it, crazy for a ten year old car
Favorite front end pic
Just acquired this beauty! 2018 TA 392 6 Speed
A Photo out on the Great Plains after a Wash
Cleveland Rock Hall
Added Voodoo Blue rally stripes with matching brake calipers, and Black Satin powder coated 20" wheels. See before and after. 😎
Demon Wheels Hemi comp cam Stainless longtube headers, high flow cats Catch can Diablo 93 octane tune