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Dedicated in 2017, the Heritage Park Mural is the largest mural in Streator. This piece of art stands three-stories tall. Built by Westclox Studios, this mural took a rather plain wall and made it look incredible. The piece is actually backlit to make it look like lights are on in the building at night. That day actually was mostly cloudy up until this point, but when this was taken the sky was just starting to clear up giving everything a unique look as the sun was heading down toward the horizon. As a result of that we were scurrying around town searching out as many murals as we could find to pose with while the sky conditions lasted. I was kind of tired of getting in and out of the car to shoot all of them but it was worth the effort! Thanks to my wife for mapping them out and being an excellent co-pilot. Eventually I plan on making a Shutterfly Photo Book holding all the murals we've located and posed with.

Heritage Park Mural | Location: Heritage Park, 222 E. Main St., Streator, IL | Date Photo Taken: Sunday, May 16, 2021


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