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Due to its 2015 refresh, the 2016 Challenger combines a classic, retro vibe, with as much modern technology as the buyer chooses. Particularly with the improved, standard, 8-speed automatic and noticeably upgraded interior, the SXT Plus is a nice combination of looks and drivability, with respectable economy. Some design elements (such as the split front grille and power bulge hood) for 2016 draw on Challenger, circa 1971. Others are new tech, like the LED brows that rim the headlights, and Chrysler's "racetrack" lighting, surrounding the retro shaped tail lamps. A fistful of optional wheels allow buyers to customize their car.

The engine produces a more than adequate 305 h.p. @ 6,350 rpm and 268 lb. ft. @ 4,800 rpm. The fact that the 3.6L is now combined with Chrysler's ZF 8-speed automatic transmission makes it an even better all around performer. The eight gear auto replaces the former 5-speed, and it's a noticeable upgrade in both performance and fuel economy. The powertrain is about a second quicker from 0-60 (now low six second range). It also gains in mpg's (19 city/30 highway for 2016, compared with the 5-speed 2014's 18/27).



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