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Did a 12 hour paint correction on VIOLEnT. No sanding, just cutting, polishing, and waxing. Oh and a LOT of elbow grease added in.

I began by giving her a thorough wash with Dawn to remove any grime and old wax, then blow dried and wiped dry with micro fiber towels.

Next I used Maguires Ultimate Compound with a medium pad on my DA buffer, on medium-high, using a slow pace. Did one round of cutting.

I then did three rounds of polishing using Maguires Ultimate Polish, with a fine pad on my DA buffer. Used the medium-high setting on the first two rounds, and the high setting on the third round.

Next came two hand-applied coats of Chemical Guys Blacklight nano glaze, working very slowly using micro fiber towels. Allowed 20 minutes cure time between each round of glaze. After hand buffing off the second coat of glaze, I allowed it to cure overnight.

The next morning I applied two coats of Chemical Guys Wet Butter Wax to the paint and vinyl stripes. Gently applied to the paint by hand using micro fiber towels. Used slightly more firm pressure when applying the wax to the vinyl stripes, and gave them a third coat of wax.

Here are the results after each step:

1. After the compound, and before the Polish. The first pic is the reflection in the driver's door.

2. After the Polish, and before the glaze was applied. The top two pics are the driver's door.

3. After the glaze was applied, and before the waxing.

What mess in the basement? I'm remodeling the house, so...

I did not get a chance to get a pic of the finished product after waxing. Sorry. Was excited about heading out to the Rod Run and forgot. The wax added more depth and gloss to the paint reflection, and a deep rich tone to the vinyl. Overall I was pleased with how it turned out. Will be doing it again in the spring.


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