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General Information

The WWII Canteen Mural reflects upon the spirit of Streator's WWII Canteen. The canteen opened on Nov.26, 1943. During World War II, many of the troop trains came through the Streator Santa Fe station. Local citizens organized the Track side Streator Free Canteen, one of hundreds of canteen across the country, to provide fresh food and drinks free to the service people when their train stopped in Streator.

WWII Canteen Mural | Designed by Nancy Bennett | Location: 406 East Hickory St.

JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 2018

History of the Walldogs in Streator

In conjunction with the celebration of Streator's Sesquicentennial, the Walldogs took over the entire town of Streator, IL for 5 days adding a multitude of murals to building walls in the downtown area depicting Streator's rich historical heritage. Over the past year my wife and I have traveled to Streator twice to take shots of our car in front of several of the murals. We still have several to locate and shoot, so we will return again in the near future.


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