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  1. Newbie Check In!
    Thanks for the welcome. I have a 2019 Challenger 1320, before that a 2016 Challenger Scat Pack Shaker with a 6 speed manual.
  2. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
  3. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    Forgot this video about our old 1320 back in August on a 320 mile cruise through the beautiful mountains of British Columbia.
  4. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Found this on YouTube. Does anyone out there have a better technique? He didn't mention changing anything if you are using different rear tires. Any suggestions?
  5. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Hey there, I know I'm super new here (my 1320 just started production this week) but was wondering if we could get a forum for 1320 owners. I see the other model-specific forums and thought maybe us cool Angry Bee folks could get one too :)
  6. Newbie Check In!
    In December i ordered a 2019 Dodge Challenger 1320. White with shaker and black shaker stripes and black R/T stripes.
  7. Dodge Challenger Drag Racing Discussion
    I know how to take photos. Video, not so much but I did edit this and I think it plays much better. You can listen to my commentary on the burnout..... They are tire roasting machines...
1-7 of 8 Results