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  1. Dodge Challenger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    ok, I’ve been procrastinating way too long. Time to get a back up camera for my 2012. I seem to remember a few folks used the LockPick 5 for the head unit plus a wiring harness and a camera with LED which would fit into the rear license plate bulb. So I dug thru a bunch of threads but most...
  2. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    2012 Challenger R/T competely stock. Wife's car so well cared for and driven easily except once in a while when I take it for a spin. Bought new from stealership and serviced at stealership. No one else has touched this car. Within 90 days of purchase Air Bag Light came on and Air conditioning...
  3. Newbie Check In!
    Hello all! I'm new to the ChallengerForumz, but not new to the Z in general. I was on the ChargerForumz for several years with the same name, but I got a wild hair and traded the Charger for a Ram a couple years ago (and instantly regretted it). Well as the title says, I'm finally back in a...
  4. 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic

    Photo time for my baby.
  5. chall_bw

    2012 RT Challenger
  6. My Wife's 2012 SXT Plus in Tungsten Metallic

    His: Redline 3 Coat Pearl 2012 R/T Plus Hers: Tungsten Metallic 2012 SXT Plus. I Added Red War Paint Stripes to hers I Changed my Black Stripes to Metallic Silver and decided to leave off the "R/T" Underneath the Stripes.
1-6 of 6 Results