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  1. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    I have a 2013 Challenger RT. It lived for five years in the Florida heat and the past year in the Oregon cold. Yesterday, it wouldn't start. Dash lights blinked, it clicked, but no start. I guessed the battery was dead. We called Triple-A and they came with a handheld jump start box. Dude...
  2. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Hi Everyone, first post. So,,, got a challenger 2013 R/T at an auction. Very minor damage. No bent metal. Only plastic and few other parts were damaged. Needed new bumper skin, grill, spoiler, radiator and AC condenser. All that is done. Looks like new inside and out. Old battery was...
  3. not too old for this

    2013 Challenger RT. Picture taken at a park in Choctaw, Oklahoma, October 2012. Recent changes: Replaced the mufflers with a pair of 10 inch, ceramic packed, stainless bullet resonators. Kept the stock resonators in their original location. Sounds incredible. Also eliminated the stock air filter ass
1-4 of 4 Results