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  1. What my V6 sounds like!

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    The first upgrade I did to my SXT Plus was a cold air intake from aFe Power. The last thing I was expecting when installing this mod was to gain a roar from the engine. After installing it and taking my car on its first test drive I heard my engine growl at me. I was amazed at the sounds coming...
  2. ABS sensor

    So I had a code that said my front left speed sensor was reading different than the rest and one other code saying readings were sparratic. I bought a front wheel speed sensor to replace it and now I get a code for an incorrect part. Was talking to some guys at my shop and we are thinking the...
  3. Nitrous 3.6

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    Hey guys just wanted to share with y’all a little bit of my build, and also get some info on a couple things. I currently have a 3.6 challenger sxt plus, with cai and all that and a nitrous system which started off as a dry shot, and now finishing the switch to wet after a few fuel tap issues...
  4. Radio Freeze/Frozen

    Dodge Challenger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    Hey Guys, IM having trouble with my radio in my 2016 Dodge Challenger SXT. Everything I turn on my car the Dodge screen appears and stay on that screen until I turn offcar and open the door, then it goes off like normal. This started around 6 months ago and being so busy I did not have time to...
  5. Cat-Back system or just the mufflers?

    Pentastar 3.6L Exhaust
    So do you all think there is really much difference between getting a full cat back exhaust or just replacing the mufflers? Say I'm looking at the Magnaflows. Our system is Stainless with a built in X-pipe. That used to be a big reason to upgrade. But if we already have that, why not just get...
  6. Meth injection/chiller killer?

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    Has anyone with a 3.6l tried meth injection or chiller killer? I'm trying to squeeze some more HP out of my SC 3.6l but haven't seen much on these topics yet. Thanks Russrob82
  7. CAI for 3.6 V6

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    So I have been debating on whether or not to do this. Also been debating if I do, which one? So... Any input or your experiences? I have been leaning towards the Air Raid and the K&N (non-oiled). Any help or input is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. 3.6L V6 Pentastar 0-60 Times with a Tuner - What difference was made?

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    I have been trying to find anyone who has posted their 0-60 times pre and post Tuner installation. So...any of you who have gone the tuner route, what has it done for you, BESIDES the "it feels stronger" statement? I'm looking for actual results, not "it should" statements, please. What was...
  9. Thinking about Purchase Polls
    Good day everyone I have a few questions that I would like to put to you all. First I want to point out that with the new interior introduced in 2015 and in the Blue Pearl color I think the Challenger is one beautiful car. At the moment I have narrowed it down to two models. The most...
  10. Check Engine Light Woes

    Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Well the dreaded "check engine" light popped on for me today while in traffic. Noticing that my baby was in trouble I rushed her to the nearest place that I could get a hold of a code scanner, which was a local Autozone. and.... Nothing, just errors every time the sales guy tried to run a code...
  11. Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back Exhaust System 2015-2016 Dodge Challenger SXT

    Pentastar 3.6L Exhaust
    Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-back Exhaust System 2015-2016 Dodge Challenger SXT Part #817737 Exterior: Interior: Test Vehicle: 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Application: 2015-2016 Dodge Challenger SXT with 3.6L V6 Engine Features: Flowmaster's American Thunder Cat-back exhaust system...