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  1. Help! Finally got a 6 speed challenger!

    Newbie Check In!
    So I've been doing research but im still kinda lost on everything. Im just needing basically opinions from experience or just overall any knowledge of how to do this safely as I want to keep this car forever. So here we go, just bought a 2010 Challenger 5.7 R/T 6 speed. Now the goal for this car...
  2. How to make 2019 5.7 Liter Challenger crackle and pop?

    5.7L Exhaust
    I had seen videos of 5.7 liters cracking and poping (DFCO) when letting off throttle and my buddy witha 2019 6.4 liter daytona charger removed his mid mufflers and it pops loud and crazy. I did the same and removed the mid mufflers and its loud and you can hear it almost pops on deacceleration...
  3. 2015-2019 Challenger Intake Rings

    Custom Challenger Exterior Mods - Body
    Wanting to spice up your front end? Khaos Motorsports has the perfect edition for that, our Challenger Intake Rings are now available! We have them in billet aluminum, anodized red, anodized blue, and color matched. We have the rings that will match the scheme of your car. Really any color you...
  4. 274 cam & headers (possibly stage 3 heads too)

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    My hefty re-enlistment bonus came in and I have decided to take advantage of it and get the #1 mod I have wanted. Originally, doing stage 3 heads with a 274 cam & long tubes plus a dyno tuning was my plan, but things change. Has anybody had any bad experiences with the 274? Good ones? What would...
  5. 2012 R/T Classic

    2012 R/T Classic

    I wanted a Cuda since the 70's. I just retired and this to me was the best of both worlds. Looks like the old Challenger with design updates and is a daily driver.
  6. Hey guys I am new. Please help!

    Newbie Check In!
    I am a Jacksonville local and I am looking into the near future of buying a challenger. I work for Mopar actually but would like to hear from you guys to help me make the best choice. I will only get a 5.7 manual I would consider a 6.1 but should I stay with the 5.7? But some basic questions...
  7. Basic mods to start with?

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hello everyone, I purchased a 2011 R/T M6 (single owner, 30k miles, bone stock) last fall and have been researching what mods most do that are reliable and more or less simple. So far, I have found that a CAI, catch can, and 180 tstat (I assume youll get the most out of that with a tune) are...
  8. Newb checking in the Z

    Newbie Check In!
    Yo! Just got a Bright Silver Metallic 2009 R/T, dropping it off to Dodge in a few days to do my first checkup/recalls! Previous owner didn’t drive the car hard but neglected it. I’ve been around the vehicle since the day it was purchased so I know it’s history. Low, occasionally mid grade...
  9. Engine Bay Super Clean - 150k miles

    Dodge Challenger Pictures
    Gave the engine a bath the other day. 150k miles and looking brand new now! Here’s a before and after.
  10. Need a bit of help

    Oil Change - Lubrication - Fluids
    Okay guys so I did my first oil change on my 16 5.7 Shaker, and everything went smooth ( except for trying to get that dang mopar filter off that was put on by the incredible hulk! Tip: I used my oil filter wrench and grabbed an old leather belt and cut a section off and wrapped it around the...
  11. Borla atak questions

    5.7L Exhaust
    I'm going to get the atak for my 13 rt I'm trying to figure out how the exhaust comes exactly I see some that have no mufflers behind the tips. If anyone has the atak on their 2008 to 14 and has a undershot of the exhaust please post. Thanks!
  12. Exhaust Comparison

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I'm looking to find the right exhaust, I'm looking for something really aggressive although I'm having trouble, I like the flow master outlaw series but I don't see many people that have them compared to some of the others out there. I'm looking for a loud and aggressive catback. If anyone wants...
  13. Arrington is installing a Whipple on my car this week.

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I'll update this thread after I get it back and get back home--probably around the middle of July, but here's the baseline dyno they ran today. I have a 2016 A8 R/T. 348 RWHP, unmodified except for a CAI and Borla cat-back system. I'm looking forward to the "after" result. :)
  14. kenne bell woes

    Forced Induction
    So long story short. I have a 2010 pcp 5.7 6spd with a 2.8L kenne bell installed by Petty's garage and using a diablo trinity. I brought my car out for the summer a couple weeks ago the the a/c wasn't working. I also needed an oil change so I took her to the dealership. They told me it would be...
  15. Someone Please Help Me, I Need A Manual (calling All Shops!)

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    So my R/T has been in my family since it was new, it has been mine for about 2 years now. Since i've got it i've done the Getrag lsd swap, a muffler delete, a CAI, and added the Diablosport InTune. I've always known that the car would be more enjoyable with a manual but never had the chance to...
  16. Intake Torque - When Is It Actually "torqued"?

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Every few months my car starts to run rough, lurches, basically acts like she needs a tune-up. Makes early morning driving a real nightmare, and sitting at a stoplight annoying as hell. It does this until the motor heats up, then basically no symptoms. To fix, I go under the hood and tighten...