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  1. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Search Community Challenger Issues & Problems Limp mode when rains Tagsalternator battery engine low voltage transmission Jump to LatestUnfollow 1 - 1 of 1 Posts Bryant Delaney ·Registered Joined a moment ago · 1 Posts Discussion Starter · #1 · a moment ago I have a Dodge...
  2. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    She was running fine till yesterday, no issues whatsoever. When I went to start her in the morning suddenly the trunk won't open, initially I received "Key Fob not found" message but after trying for couple of times the Key Fob was detected but new error popped up "Power Steering Assist off...
  3. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hi All, My 2010 RT (60K) has been sitting due to crappy weather for about 6 weeks. Was going to take it to work the other night but the battery was dead. Put it on a charger and she fired up and ran great to and from work (short trip, 8 miles total).Next day I went to start and starter just...
  4. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    I need help please. I changed the battery in my 2009 challenger and now for some reason the blinkers, horn, wipers don't work and I have the stability control lights are on. What did I do wrong. Everything worked before replacing the factory battery.
  5. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Is it possible for the aftermarket tune to be reset to the factory tune after replacing the car's battery. It's not possible, right? The ECM can only hold one tune at a time, it's a ROM type memory system I'm sure.
  6. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    So I still have the factory battery in place, I'm on borrowed time for sure but I only drive the my car a few months out of the year. I need to replace it and have been wondering what brand to go with. I know all the brands for the most part but I was wondering if anyone is favoring something...
  7. Winterizing
    Hi Guys i live in sweden and you can more or less not drive a car like the Challenger from November to April, så my car is parked in a warm garage. I Googled the internet on what to do before parking the car for such a long time. My biggest worries are the battery. i read on several pages that...
  8. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Came out after work and car battery was dead. Got jumped off without a hitch, except check engine light came on. Everything seemed to be running fine and started driving home. Started feeling hot air coming out of the vents and thought I'd left temp control on hot from the morning drive. Was...
1-8 of 8 Results