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  1. New Car Paint Issues

    Dodge Challenger Dealer Issues
    Hello Everyone. It is by no means uncommon for a paint correction to be necessary upon purchasing these vehicles, however I can't help but notice these issues with my paint that stand out. These marks are believed to be residue from the wrapping that covers the car when it is being delivered. My...
  2. First & Second Place wrapped up...!!!

    First & Second Place wrapped up...!!!

    Car Show - Central Missouri - Sept. 2013
  3. HolidayCard2Web


    Here are a couple of Pics I sent out to friends and family with my holiday card. My grey cat and matching granite grey metallic car! I guess I like grey. Love them both!!
  4. Challenger RT (Mopar)

    Challenger RT (Mopar)

    2014 Challenger RT Plus (Mopar Exterior)
  5. CAM00015


  6. CAM00021


  7. #001/001


    001/001 dodge champion srt8
  8. 5.0 killer

    5.0 killer

    doge champion srt8
  9. Champion SRT8

    Champion SRT8

    look closely. notice the name.
  10. 08 regency mustang GT

    08 regency mustang GT

    08 regency mustang gt WIFES CAR