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  1. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    Hi all, I’ve had a generic ebay catch can on my Challenger for about a month or two now, and I notice a small leak coming from the bottom of the can. It doesn’t drip too much but it leaves a small layer of oil on the bottom of the can. I suspect it’s because there’s a valve than can be opened...
  2. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    I bought a upr billet catch can and installed it and drove it to work and back (about 40 minutes each way)for one day. I noticed that the exhaust note was muffled and I couldn't accelerate as quickly as before. I wonder if the oil catch can is causing some sort of restriction from thw crank case...
  3. Engine Bay Modifications
    Anyone know of a catch can for the a 2019 rt scat pack shaker . Looking at some and cant seem to find one that is for this model. Thanks
  4. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    I got a free hand me down billet technology can from another member of my local mopar club, and ordered the z bracket, hardware kit, hoses, and black fittings exactly 30 days ago. USPS says it is out for delivery now. Hope it is waiting for me so I can install everything this evening!
  5. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    So I emptied my catch can after 3000KM of use as I had an oil change done today, and the "oil" that came out looks like half chocolate milk... Is that coolant in the oil? Every picture I've seen the oil looks like, well, like oil should look like...Just doesn't look right to me I guess
  6. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Anyone else ever have problems with the braided catch can lines? Last September my check engine light came on and my Trinity was showing the P0507 and/or P2173 codes. Not long after that my car went in to limp mode. It cost me $200.00 to find out it was the Catch Can hose from the can to the...
  7. Dodge Challenger Shaker - Factory Special Ed.
    Speedlogix now has a "S" bracket that allows you to attach the catch can to the front of the motor. This eliminates the need for a fender mount bracket and longer hoses. The catch can was painted, The hose ends are color matched and the hoses are black braided. The install is the same as a non...
  8. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    So after the all the excitement of the holidays cooled down and I had some free time I started buying myself some toys for my SPS, which is still not here, but I will be ready and waiting once it is. I decided to add a catch can right off the hop as I feel it small investment that, all debates...
  9. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Lately my Challenger has been idling a little rough, but it wasn't throwing codes and I am overdue to replace my spark plugs, so I was going to see if that helped. On Saturday night I was returning from an out of town trip when my Challenger started idling fast and the check engine light came...
1-9 of 11 Results