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  1. SRT Brembos on R/T

    I'm looking to upgrade my front brakes on my 2012 R/T Classic to Brembos off of the SRT. I understand that I need the spindle/knuckles from an SRT in order to mount Brembo brakes. Im curious about what year/models besides the challenger would fit (charger? 300? magnum?), and if possible the...
  2. 60mph to 0 Brake tests

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    There was this challenge posted up by CTCharger and the timing was good since I've always wanted to validate the braking distance from 60 to 0 in my Challenger R/T. I've averaged 147.5 feet over 8 attempts. My best was 129' and worst was 165'. For those of you who wishes to see some brake...