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  1. 5.7L Exhaust
    Hey guys! I own a 2018 challenger R/T 5.7. I’ve had it for a couple years now and I’m starting to get bored of the sound. Any recommendations to make it louder? For instance a muffler delete maybe. I’m trying to also avoid drone so please keep that in mind. I’m also not trying to spend more...
  2. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    ESP mode will not turn off. Mr squiggle will turn off but upon second press and hold on second press it’s just turns off mr squiggles. No esp off icon poppin up. Please helppp. I did look it up on YouTube before and it successfully worked a few times however it no longer disengages. Maybe a fuse...
  3. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    I've had my 2012 Challenger RT for about 2 years now. I let it set for a couple weeks without starting or driving it. Now the horn doesn't work nor will the key fob lock or unlock the car. I've put a brand new battery in key fob but no luck. Any help or suggestions on fixing the horn and key fob...
  4. 5.7L Exhaust
    My buddy’s got a straight piped 2019 RT and there’s a loud fluttering noise whenever he lets off the gas or downshifts. When he downshifts all you hear is fluttering noise, can’t even hear the engine. Any ideas on what it might be? Sound clip>>
  5. Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    I recently had my stock 2016 challenger rt go through the 64,000 mile service at my local Dodge dealer. The tech was very helpful and answered all of my questions. He told me everything looks really good on the car when it was up on the lift. Something that I forgot to ask him about was the...
  6. Dodge Challenger Videos
    This Dodge Challenger Scat pack drives one of the most dangerous mountain canyon roads in America. The Angeles Crest Highway through the National Park route 2. Hold tight and witness amazing sights and sounds abroad America's brashest modern muscle car; the Dodge Challenger R/T. Exciting hard...
  7. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I know some people do a header swap from stock R/T headers to stock SRT headers instead of going aftermarket. Any benefits to this and is the swap straight forward or is there some conversion required and any good gains from this? My question about this swap is that if you were to swap the SRT...
  8. Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    For anyone who has BC coils on their challenger if you don't get a custom spring rate what is the spring rate set to? Or if anyone has a spring rate that they like what do you have yours set at? The challenger is my everyday car for the most part but I want to increase its handling a little bit...
  9. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I'm looking to find the right exhaust, I'm looking for something really aggressive although I'm having trouble, I like the flow master outlaw series but I don't see many people that have them compared to some of the others out there. I'm looking for a loud and aggressive catback. If anyone wants...
  10. Newbie Check In!
    South FLA, check out my new Scat Pack, 6M, I'm in love!!!
  11. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I don't ever hear of anybody installing aftermarket pulleys on a challenger. I know it'll pep it up a whole lot. If anybody has changed them out, let me know how much gains you got and what companies you used. Bless up walk good ✌
  12. Newbie Check In!
    Hey everyone new to the forum I'm driving a 13 R/T Classic 6speed MT. Saw some post on here while looking for parts and it seemed like the place to ask questions and talk with people who have some serious knowledge on the Challengers so here I am! Thanks for all the warm welcomes looking forward...
  13. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hey everyone new to the forum, whats up from New York! I just picked up a 13 R/T Classic 6speed MT about two weeks ago and I'm looking to make some power over time not all at once. Ive done a little research on the forums here but I'm not sure where to start. Long term goal I'm looking for 400hp...
  14. HemiCuda

    Another still shot from the upcoming HemiCuda video on "Shooting Cars" Facebook page - video will be up in about 2-3 weeks !!
  15. HemiCuda blows on by !!

    My HemiCuda in a still shot from a video by Shooting Cars page on FaceBook !! Video should be up in about 2-3 weeks.
1-16 of 18 Results