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  1. To Tune Or Not To Tune....

    Diablo Tuner Discussion
    Hi everyone I'm quite new to this family of happy challenger owners. I own a 2014 challenger R/T and am looking to start with the mods. Currently I have a CAI and that is it. Wondering if the Diablo trinity tuner would be the next best move.
  2. Finally Back In A Hemi Car!

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello all! I'm new to the ChallengerForumz, but not new to the Z in general. I was on the ChargerForumz for several years with the same name, but I got a wild hair and traded the Charger for a Ram a couple years ago (and instantly regretted it). Well as the title says, I'm finally back in a...
  3. Her Name Is Nubia

    Her Name Is Nubia