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  1. 2012 R/T Classic

    I wanted a Cuda since the 70's. I just retired and this to me was the best of both worlds. Looks like the old Challenger with design updates and is a daily driver.
  2. Newbie Check In!
    Hello new family! My name is Brandon from the Tuscaloosa, Al area and I always Join forums of any car I buy so doing the same here. I just picked up a 2013 Challenger RT Classic in Hemi Orange with Demon wheels and so far I love it. Happy to be a part of the site and to get to see what others...
  3. 2014 Dodge Challenger RT Coupe Classic

    I've only had it for 3 months and can't stop staring at it. I really do not like black cars but the red leather/ suede interior had me sold. A paint job is in it's near future
  4. 09 Challenger R/T Classic

    09 Challenger R/T Classic
  5. R/T Classic, Seriously blue.

    this is another dealer theft pic, but at least I took the time to edit it in PS5 and make it less, well, terrible.
  6. Stone White Challenger RT Classic Side View

    Stone White Challenger RT Classic Side View
  7. Stone White Challenger RT

    Retro RT stripe and chrome fuel door
1-18 of 19 Results