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  1. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I have a 2009 Challenger SRT 6 speed and it has been making noise when it's decompressed a high pitch squealing sound. What kind of clutch should I get? I was told that if it was the throw out bearing I might as well replace the clutch. The car is driving fine just making annoying noice when it...
  2. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I did this today on my Challenger. I was able to get the black I ring out for sure using a picking tool but I didn’t see the blue cross piece. Is it possible this fell out? What do you guys recommend me to do to make sure it’s out? I used an automotive mirror to look up there and I didn’t see...
  3. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi guys , just a quick question. I got a brand new OEM clutch for $360 , so obviously I decided to do this work on my car . Question is should I just go ahead and change out the slave cylinder too. My guess is that I should. LMK.ty.
  4. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi all, I bought a 6 speed 2010 R/T hemi in December used with 101k miles. I baby this lady for sure. It's never had any issue until tonight. I had my oil changed yesterday at a regular jiffy lube cause I just moved here and didnt know where to take it yet. Got the recommended synthetic for hemi...
  5. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I drove home from work last night (09 Challenger R/T 6sp) and it was around 20 degrees outside. No issues with shifting. I went to leave for work today and my clutch pedal went to the floor and I couldn't put the transmission in gear. (Had to drive the wife's car, an 05 Crossfire SRT Roadster)...
  6. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Lately been noticing some stick between 3-4 shifts. Small amount of hesitation while pulling out of 3rd gear, clutch fully depressed. Only gear shift sequence this happens with. Any thoughts on this issue or if this is normal? '15 Scat Pack M6 Tremec 6060 Barton Shifter 19,XXX miles
1-6 of 7 Results