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color matched

  1. Dodge Challenger Detailing and General Maintenance
    So I was told from Carmax that my 2013 SXT is a blackberry pearl coat. Does anyone know if this is true and/or possible since the color is so rare?
  2. Engine Bay Modifications
    One of our next products is going to be modified engine covers, and we would like to hear your input! Our base is going to be the 2 piece covers found on the 6.4L. So far the only options we have seen are the stickers and 3D printed black ones. I have a couple questions below that relate to a...
  3. Wheels And Tires
    So this past summer we went to a few car shows, and something stood out to us, center caps. I can't tell you how many cars we saw that had color matched interiors and engine bays, only to look at the rims and see they had the black and chrome Dodge symbol center caps. I know quite a few people...