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  1. We are GO for Ceramic Pro!

    Washing & Waxing
  2. YOUR WAY of Compounding, Polishing, Glazing, & Waxing?

    Dodge Challenger Detailing and General Maintenance
    BEFORE YOU START YES I KNOW there's a lots of threads, posts, videos, and sites on this,BUT they don't cover what I want, I looked everywhere! After collecting Hopefully a mass amount of info, I want to make a ONE STOP for NOOBS like myself, to truly start from. *will give credit of course to...
  3. Iron-X soap wash, Clay bar and buffed

    Washing & Waxing
    Used mothers clay bar and Wolfgang total swirl remover and Wolfgang glaze on a Porter Cable DA type buffer. Some before and after pics. A few wtr streaks in the one pic. The white is really hard to look at with the sun reflecting off of it now. I still need to do the paint chip repair, paint...
  4. I used meguiars hot rims on my gloss black alum wheels

    Washing & Waxing
    Help me please I used the Meguiars Hot Rims on my black wheels and after I used it. A day later I had rust dust from the brakes setting on my wheels. And I noticed a large scratch inside the barrel of the wheel on the back left . How can I make sure this never happens again? This was the first...
  5. First Car Show

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    I will be entering my first car show in June. I know there are many members that are very experienced at car shows. I wanted to get some opinions on car preparation. Not so much the intricate detailing secrets but more a general preparation. My car will be washed 24 hours before the show...