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  1. Challenger emblem removal

    Dodge Challenger GT AWD Forum
    Has anyone attempted to remove their Challenger emblem from their GT grill? Can’t find any videos for the newer models, only the older ones. Appreciate the help.
  2. Front grille custom emblem installation

    Custom Challenger Exterior Mods - Body
    Hello all, I recently had a custom grille badge made and figured out a way (with an assist from the Mrs.) to install an emblem WITHOUT having to remove the whole dang fascia. I had ordered an emblem with 2 bolts figuring I'd be able to reach behind the grille. Stupid me leaped before he looked...
  3. VIDEO - Hurst Performance Styling: Graphic Packs, Emblems, and Floor Mats

    Hurst Performance
    HURST ELITE SERIES Back in the day, you could order a factory Hurst muscle car from the dealership that came equipped with performance upgrades as well as our Hurst badges and logos. We are getting back to our roots by introducing the Hurst Elite Series line. Now you can build a modern day...
  4. Scoop Emblem

    Scoop Emblem

    Retro 7" OEM emblem
  5. SE challenger emblem

    SE challenger emblem

  6. side view 2

    side view 2

  7. side view

    side view

  8. gas cap

    gas cap

  9. rear spoiler, se challenger emblem

    rear spoiler, se challenger emblem

  10. flat black stripes

    flat black stripes

  11. flat black stripes

    flat black stripes