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  1. Exterior
    Hey everyone, I'm looking into badging my 2019 R/T like the style from 1970 (Challenger script and R/T stacked on the front fenders and side by side on the spoiler) however, I'm having some trouble finding an R/T fender badge that is the modern black/red like on the grill in the right size and...
  2. Custom Challenger Exterior Mods - Body
    I have a 2020 R/T, F8 green, without the Blacktop Package. I’d like to convert my R/T to the Blacktop badging so I’ve been doing some research on the subject. Unfortunately, I haven’t found much useful information. I’ve tried searching the forums here and elsewhere without much luck. I’ve also...
  3. Exterior
    I recently installed 345 badges on my 2016 Charger RT Road and Track. I know this is a Challenger Forum but these badges look great on the Challengers as well. I put together an installation video and below is the link. I want to be forthcoming and say this is on YouTube but after you watch it...
1-3 of 3 Results