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    Engine Bay Modifications
    One of our next products is going to be modified engine covers, and we would like to hear your input! Our base is going to be the 2 piece covers found on the 6.4L. So far the only options we have seen are the stickers and 3D printed black ones. I have a couple questions below that relate to a...
  2. WTS Barton Flat Stick Silver - Powered By Srt Engine Cover (1)

    Engine cover (1 side) removed after 2,750 miles due to shaker upgrade. Brand new, asking $40. Located in Raleigh for pickup but willing to ship at cost. Red vinyl stripes can be included for free. Unused and brand new Barton flat stick. Used with the aftermarket Barton short shifter for...
  3. WTS Functional Hood/engine Cover

    Looking to sell some of my 2013 Plum Crazy RT parts. I have a FUNCTIONAL stock hood and the stock engine cover (RT 5.7). I also have the stock air intake box with filter, as well as the set of stock mufflers and resonators laying around too if anyone happens to be interested in that. If any...