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  1. Engine Bay Modifications
    One of our next products is going to be modified engine covers, and we would like to hear your input! Our base is going to be the 2 piece covers found on the 6.4L. So far the only options we have seen are the stickers and 3D printed black ones. I have a couple questions below that relate to a...
  2. Engine Bay Modifications
    I am lookng to dress up the upper radiator hose. My initial thought was a Stainless Steel cover, until I came across Hose Candy upper radiator kit. It uses shrink tube fittings, similar to Gates PowerGrip bands. I was wondering if anybody here has used them on their Challenger? Has anyone use...
  3. Engine Bay Modifications
    looking for a source to buy some under hood dress up items. I have seen them but can't find on any of the regular sites... Please let me know of any source you are aware of.. Thx in advance
1-3 of 3 Results