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  1. 5.7L Exhaust
    I just recently bought some jba long tube headers and come to find out that they don’t sell mid pipes anymore.. catted or Catless mid pipes they just don’t sell them anymore. Is there another brand out there that has mid pipes and is capable with jba long tube headers? I’ve seen some people use...
  2. SRT-8 6.4L Exhaust
    Hey so I’m relatively new to the modding game. Right now I have stock exhaust manifold and midpipes but I have the Borla Atak Cat-Back exhaust installed. I want to put Kooks LT headers and a catless midpipe on it but I’m not sure what size and it’s honestly kind of confusing. The borla exhaust...
  3. 5.7L Exhaust
    So I have a 2018 5.7 hemi and I’m still concerned on which long tube header I need to go with from JBA. I’ve heard some people get their headers and they have a different shaped port instead of the D-port we need for 2009+. Does anyone have a newer hemi and has installed either of these headers...
  4. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Seen oval and d-shaped thrown around, a lot of "he said..., she said...," but no clear answer yet. Just wanted to see if Kooks LTs D-ports would match my 5.7 if the shapes even matter that much.
  5. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    The goal of this is for documentation and reference for others to use. I just purchased JBA shorty headers (1 3/4 in) as well as power stop z26 rotors and pads. I will not be doing any dyno tuning soon, so any HP gains are purely guesses until I get my 274 cam in there. These headers look 10...
  6. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    My hefty re-enlistment bonus came in and I have decided to take advantage of it and get the #1 mod I have wanted. Originally, doing stage 3 heads with a 274 cam & long tubes plus a dyno tuning was my plan, but things change. Has anybody had any bad experiences with the 274? Good ones? What would...
  7. 5.7L Exhaust
    Good day all, Next planned mod is headers (and the last and final engine work will be a 274 cam, and MAYBE a 90mm TB [I'm aware it may not be needed] and an intake manifold) and I was wondering who has first hand experience with them, and/or recommendations. Dyno charts or known HP gains...
  8. 5.7L Exhaust
    I just purchased Long tube headers from JBA and their connecting mid pipe. I am currently tuned and have a tune ready for after the installation that will also tune out the CEL from the O2’s. Do i need extensions for the o2’s and if so how many do i need? If i’m tuned, can i just plug the O2...
  9. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I plan on deleting my cats, as well as some Kooks Long Tube Headers, And a tune. I’m wondering, if I just put headers and cat delete on, do I have to tune it before I start it? Can I drive it home from shop? 2017 Challenger R/T (5.7, 8speed)
  10. 5.7L Exhaust
    2009 RT Challenger with Kooks Headers, High flow cats throwing Codes P013A, P013C intermittently. Any idea why it's throwing these codes? Also has CEL Eliminators on both 02's after cats.
  11. 5.7L Exhaust
    Anyone have any input on what they think the best set of long tube headers are, or and additional information when search for a set. whats the best in terms of a performance gains. Anyone who has has more than one set feel free to post. Going to get some for my R/T sometime soon
  12. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I know some people do a header swap from stock R/T headers to stock SRT headers instead of going aftermarket. Any benefits to this and is the swap straight forward or is there some conversion required and any good gains from this? My question about this swap is that if you were to swap the SRT...
  13. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    I'm looking to find the right exhaust, I'm looking for something really aggressive although I'm having trouble, I like the flow master outlaw series but I don't see many people that have them compared to some of the others out there. I'm looking for a loud and aggressive catback. If anyone wants...
  14. 5.7L Exhaust
    Does your Challenger have that classic Flowmaster sound? Which Flowmaster products are you running on your car? Let's see some pics and videos.
1-14 of 25 Results