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  1. Going from halogen to HID

    Lighting and Electrical
    Trying to get my 15 rt+ some hid headlamps as well as a new assembly to fit the 4 bulbs, does anyone have any recommendations or know any good products that will be a quality setup? Will I need ballasts for every bulb? Anyone done a similar setup and have a good setup they don't mind sharing...
  2. 2016 Scat Pack Shaker Headlights (with Hellcat ram air) great for holding water.

    Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    My new Scat Pack only has 3,000 miles on it, and both head lights had water in them after a rain today. The ram air one (after market) had standing water, and the other had condensation on the inside. I went in and had them both replaced, and that same day both of the new ones had condensation...
  3. HID Lights don't work after a crushed fuse - Any ideas?

    Custom Challenger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Hi All, So kid you not, we are leaving San Bernardino this morning at 4am to take the wife's 2010 SE to Plum Creative Creations in AZ to swap her 3.5L for a 5.7L and had no main headlights. I found that when I checked the oil yesterday and closed the hood it crushed the fuse link and showed...
  4. 2015 LED Headlight Install

    Custom Challenger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    I am having issues getting the LED headlights to function on my 15. I tried them at first without any error corrector kits they sell. The lights worked the first two times, but after that they would turn on, then off, then alternate a few times, then turn off completely. I bought this error...