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  1. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    I just took delivery of a black Challenger GT. The salesman messed up and forgot to order Heated Seats. I have the cloth interior. I just talked to an aftermarket installer and they wanted to "Pass" on the installation for two reasons: 1. New for this year, the Heated Seats are controlled by a...
  2. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    my driver seat heat does not work. I press the button and the light stays on for 2 seconds then turn off. The passenger side works fin. I looked under passenger seat and everything look like it's plugged in. Is there a fuse for each seat? Please help. Thank you
  3. Dodge Challenger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    Hey guys, has anyone here installed the heated seats from Katzkin or similar? I'm just curious as to how and where I can obtain the 12V power from.
1-3 of 3 Results