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  1. Tires for my Charger!

    Wheels And Tires
    Hey everyone! I’m new here and I’m in serious need of help!! So I currently have a 2019 Charger Daytona (Not a 392) and it’s about time for me to replace my tires. I’m currently running on the stock GY RA2s 245/45R20. I was wondering if I was able to bump it up to 275s if it’s possible and in...
  2. is a AWD hellcat possible?

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    So i was thinking for the past 2 months or so.. I have a supercharged challenger GT AWD if i did a engine swap with my v6 but left the AWD components in the car would it be possible to have a AWD hellcat? I'm really considering doing this down the line when my car decides he's had enough
  3. Trinity 2 EX problems, now car wont start! help!

    Diablo Tuner Discussion
    I need help! its Friday night, and DiabloSport tech support is off til Monday. So I've have a custom trans tune and custom engine tune for 2 months, not any problems. I have both backup stock tunes, too. I updated the tuner right before i received an updated tune (for a 180 t-stat) for the...

    Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    My 2010 R/T Challenger is currently making a weird fluttering noise whenever I accelerate the vehicle. It's as if you put a card on the back of a bicycle wheel and it makes that fan-like flutter. I'm hoping to fix this problem, I have enough money saved - but I want to know what ya'll think...
  5. How to make 2019 5.7 Liter Challenger crackle and pop?

    5.7L Exhaust
    I had seen videos of 5.7 liters cracking and poping (DFCO) when letting off throttle and my buddy witha 2019 6.4 liter daytona charger removed his mid mufflers and it pops loud and crazy. I did the same and removed the mid mufflers and its loud and you can hear it almost pops on deacceleration...
  6. used 2017 dodge challenger exhaust question help?

    Pentastar 3.6L Exhaust
    i bought a 2017 dodge challenger sxt with resonator delete and have know idea what the owner did. I really need some good advice.
  7. Hey guys I am new. Please help!

    Newbie Check In!
    I am a Jacksonville local and I am looking into the near future of buying a challenger. I work for Mopar actually but would like to hear from you guys to help me make the best choice. I will only get a 5.7 manual I would consider a 6.1 but should I stay with the 5.7? But some basic questions...
  8. What the hell am I driving

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    so I picked up a 2012 Dodge Challenger Sxt trim last night but I’m new to the whole Challenger scene. It’s sadly a v6 but the grill says srt and 392 hemi on sides also seats are red with srt logo. I’m trying to figure out if previous owner bought badges and put it on or if that’s the oem badges...
  9. Motor swap ECM, TCU and Smog - Please Help

    Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Hi all, So here is the skinny. Had a shop do a motor swap in our 2010 Challenger SE from the 3.5L to a 5.7L. What should have been easy has turned into a never ending nightmare. After months of work I finally have most of the Fups worked out these supposed "experts" did to our car just in time...
  10. Challenger SRT-8 Alternator problems

    Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    hey everyone, I have a 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 that I recently added a sound system and neon + halo headlights, I drove around all day for 2-3 days, and then tonight, I turned my car on it sat for a few mins I smelled a burning and it’s comin from my alternator, the sound system runs on two...
  11. Just bought it and its already getting fixed

    Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Just purchased a 2015 B5 Blue RT 6 speed, absolutely love it. However ever since my 5 day buyers remorse period ran out started to hear a couple concerning sounds. First sound was from the rear end, sounds like a groaning/rubbing when turning at a low speed in parking lots, especially after...
  12. Need tune ASAP

    Recently purchased a i3 to complement my comp cam 274 but after installing the tune I was given it turns out it was not the correct tune and I am being told they have no base tune for this platform can anyone help in anyway possible
  13. Driveshaft saftey loop install

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Ok so trying to install my BMR DLS110 driveshaft saftey loop and it's not fitting because of my JBA mids. Has anyone had this issue before? Dont really want to get a new one but it's looking like I'm going to have no choice but to.
  14. Long tube headers W/ Off Road midpipe

    5.7L Exhaust
    I just purchased Long tube headers from JBA and their connecting mid pipe. I am currently tuned and have a tune ready for after the installation that will also tune out the CEL from the O2’s. Do i need extensions for the o2’s and if so how many do i need? If i’m tuned, can i just plug the O2...
  15. Car Shaking when Braking

    Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Not sure how my car's info is going to appear, being that this is my first post on this website, but I have a 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT. Lately, let's say I'm going about 50+ mph; when I begin to break, my car feels like it's driving on that bumpy area on the shoulder, even when I'm on a nice...
  16. Advice Needed! Sport Mode Stuck On...

    Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    Hello Everyone, So like most i enjoy driving my 6-spd scat pack in sport mode around town, not all the time but alot. Recently i noticed that something wasn't right. My car seemed to be in Sport Mode at all times, and worse than that im smelling a burning smell that does not smell like any...
  17. Am I getting a good deal!?

    Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    Hey y'all! I went by a small dealer in my city, and fell in love with a 2012 challenger! It's a very very dark navy, black when you're far away. Its a 2012 Challenger SE with the 2 red stripes on each side of the fenders, and just a few majorly minor dents that's easy to pop out here and there...
  18. LED map light help!

    Custom Challenger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Ok so I started the simple replacement of my maplights. I want to change them to UV LED. I bought 2 of the suggested bulbs from I installed them. Hooked the battery back up. Voila, they work. Mind u the doors were open. Closed the doors, the whole system dimmed after a...
  19. Some People...

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    have gambling, others have hookers, and then some like blow. I noticed myself looking at throttle bodies and mufflers again today and my mind started to race. I started itching and shaking as I said to myself "Come on baby, it will be just another mod, $300 dollars tops, you know I'm good for it...