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  1. WTS Mopar Hood Prop Kit (82212094)

    Selling Challenger Mopar Hood Prop Kit. Also known as “Hood Struts”. The kit is brand new. Part number 82212094. This part works on Challenger 2009-2013 models. Asking $30 plus Shipping (from Houston) Message me directly if interested.
  2. WTS Challenger Shaker Hood - Plum Crazy

    This hood was bought for a 2013 SRT, but will fit multiple years and trim models. It was fitted onto our car, but taken off when a crack was discovered on the underside. It has since sat in its crate and we've gotten rid of the Challenger. $800 OBO!!
  3. Will the new T/A 392 Hood intake work on a SRT 392 ?

    Dodge Challenger T/A Forum
    Would like to add T/A intake and air box to make 2016 SRT 392 hood scoop functional. Will it work?
  4. Front Hood and Fascia Wrap?

    Custom Challenger Exterior Mods - Body
    I would like to about wrap my 2016 PCP SP hood and part of the front fascia in flat black. I'm hoping for a kit, rather than having material on the fascia laid out and then cut because I don't want the paint scored by the cutting tool. I think I'd also like a wet decal/film over vinyl but the...
  5. Mopar Hood Pin Install

    This is a tutorial of how to install Mopar Hood Pins. I had to make this in two parts. Part two is called Mopar Hood Pin Install Part 2. This kit is a genuine Mopar part. I hope you find it helpful. Tools needed: trim removal tool, 3/4 box wrench, metal file, Phillips screwdriver, 10mm...
  6. WTS Functional Hood/engine Cover

    Looking to sell some of my 2013 Plum Crazy RT parts. I have a FUNCTIONAL stock hood and the stock engine cover (RT 5.7). I also have the stock air intake box with filter, as well as the set of stock mufflers and resonators laying around too if anyone happens to be interested in that. If any...
  7. Toxic Orange Challenger R/T

    Toxic Orange Challenger R/T

    New paint job for the front.... Satin black paint on the hood, top of the fenders, and top of the nose.
  8. 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT #6389

    2008 Dodge Challenger SRT #6389

    2008 Dodge Challenger SRT #6389 engine
  9. minor changes since original photo

    minor changes since original photo

    Added carbon fiber look lettering and a little chrome.