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  1. 1970 stick shift knob

    Classic (70's) Dodge Challenger
    Hey, get ready for a totally rookie question. My friend is restoring a 1970 Challenger. Hes currently got a golf ball doing double duty as a shifter knob so I thought I might do him a favor and buy something a little more authentic. Problem is, I've got no idea what I'm doing and thought someone...
  2. WTS Barton Flat Stick Silver - Powered By Srt Engine Cover (1)

    Engine cover (1 side) removed after 2,750 miles due to shaker upgrade. Brand new, asking $40. Located in Raleigh for pickup but willing to ship at cost. Red vinyl stripes can be included for free. Unused and brand new Barton flat stick. Used with the aftermarket Barton short shifter for...