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  1. New to the ForumZ

    Newbie Check In!
    Hello everyone! I found this forum while I was digging for some information on my Challenger and found this forum to be really informative so far and I look forward to learning from all of you about your experiences with these beasts and money pits of cars. I currently have a 2015 Challenger...
  2. New car need help

    Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    Hi everyone I just bought my first Challenger a 6.4l Scat Pack i drove it for about 600 miles now but everytime I stop I smell some burned rubber it came from the front of the car. It’s my first brand new car so I don’t now if it’s normal because some people told me it could be some cleaner ore...
  3. Brand New 2015 V6 SXT Owner

    Pentastar 3.6L Exhaust
    Hello everyone, I’m got my car about 4 days ago (this past Friday) and it’s a 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT V6 and some friends at school have already told me some stuff that I wanted to verify and get your guys’ opinions on. 1. I have some black Dodge Rims and an (intake?) hood that I don’t see on...
  4. Hey guys I am new. Please help!

    Newbie Check In!
    I am a Jacksonville local and I am looking into the near future of buying a challenger. I work for Mopar actually but would like to hear from you guys to help me make the best choice. I will only get a 5.7 manual I would consider a 6.1 but should I stay with the 5.7? But some basic questions...
  5. Newcomer from NJ

    Newbie Check In!
    Hi all, The Dodge Challenger has been my dream car ever since I was little (that and the Toyota Celica, but I'm pretty sure everyone in this forum would agree that I've made the absolute better choice). I appreciate the welcome messages and can't wait to join the discussions on the Z!
  6. New Greetings From Charlotte, NC

    Newbie Check In!
    New here but have been in the MOPAR family a long time!
  7. Sup from New York

    Newbie Check In!
    Hey everyone new to the forum I'm driving a 13 R/T Classic 6speed MT. Saw some post on here while looking for parts and it seemed like the place to ask questions and talk with people who have some serious knowledge on the Challengers so here I am! Thanks for all the warm welcomes looking forward...
  8. Buying a New 2016 Challenger scat pack soon

    Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    The dealer offered me 38,000 and I was wondering how low do you think I can bring that down?
  9. New Car Paint Issues

    Dodge Challenger Dealer Issues
    Hello Everyone. It is by no means uncommon for a paint correction to be necessary upon purchasing these vehicles, however I can't help but notice these issues with my paint that stand out. These marks are believed to be residue from the wrapping that covers the car when it is being delivered. My...
  10. challengers


    My black 2012 R/T and dads 70 plum crazy scat pack.
  11. R/T Classic, Seriously blue.

    R/T Classic, Seriously blue.

    this is another dealer theft pic, but at least I took the time to edit it in PS5 and make it less, well, terrible.