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  1. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    Hi, there everyone! For my next Challenger I am torn on color. What are your thoughts on Frostbite Blue? I know it boils down to personal preference at the end of the day but just looking to get some opinions. Also, to any owners who have the color… are microscratches super visible on this...
  2. Paint, Dents, Rust & Repair
    I had a lot of work done on my 2015 Scat pack. This included new fenders, hood and bumper. All were painted Phantom black pearl (PXT). The paint has a lifetime guarantee. It does not match my car. I realize that being a triple coat paint with all of that metal flake it might happen but it really...
  3. Wheels And Tires
    Whats up guys . I am new here. Just wanted to post in case anyone needs this info. I recently scratched my redline rim and needed some info on touch up paint. I found info online and wanted to post before and after pics. Thanks
  4. Paint, Dents, Rust & Repair
    I'm so bummed right now.Picked up a mint 2009 R/T. Only 24k miles. Took to the wash today and a piece of paint flaked off dead center of the door! I didnt put spray hose too close or anything! I'm shocked and sad. Anyone else experience this?
  5. Paint, Dents, Rust & Repair
    Hello all, Just got my 2008 Hemi Orange SRT this week and absolutely love the beast! The car has been treated extremely well by the previous owner but there are a few paint chips, fender edsy by the wheel well and a chip on the door. Otherwise the paint is in in excellent shape. Does anyone...
  6. Paint, Dents, Rust & Repair
    Glad to be here and hoping for help. Just purchased a 2012 Rallye Red Line in Black fully loaded. Love the color contrast of red on black, in both striping and rims. Previous owner took very good care of the car, but never learned how to parallel park. So the red trim on the rims is scraped...
  7. Polls
    Hi, a inevitable topic than you look up information about the Challenger seems to be the quality of the paint job. It's often described as poor, full of defects, blemished and so on, but is that true? You're all invited to participate at the poll. A little response (model year, trim line, other...
  8. Dodge Challenger Dealer Issues
    Hello Everyone. It is by no means uncommon for a paint correction to be necessary upon purchasing these vehicles, however I can't help but notice these issues with my paint that stand out. These marks are believed to be residue from the wrapping that covers the car when it is being delivered. My...
  9. Custom Challenger Exterior Mods - Body
    Hi all, so I've been talking with a couple of guys at a shop that does apply that Line X truck bed stuff to cars and trucks as an entire body covering. I like the idea of a flat black paint job and the look of a rugged body look is very appealing. I'm thinking kind of a Mad Max look. So I'm...
  10. Toxic Orange Challenger R/T

    New paint job for the front.... Satin black paint on the hood, top of the fenders, and top of the nose.
1-11 of 12 Results