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  1. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.1L HEMI
    I have a 2009 STR8. The motor (and everything else) has been completely redone with a top end build by Petty’s Garage. She dyno tested 668RWHP and roughly 800HP at the crank. Respectable numbers; or so I thought until I took my car out to a half mile top speed shoot-out. I was red lining 4th...
  2. Archive
    STARTER(Made in France) Kit #2454 Unassembled 1/43 Scale Resin Kit. 1986 NASCAR STP Pontiac Grand Prix Fastback Driven by Richard Petty. Complete. Decals are EXCELLENT! Stored in climate controlled room since 1989. If you don't have room for the bigger 1/18 and 1/24 scale models, this is the...
  3. Petty's Garage FSB

    I installed this on 2/23/2014.
1-3 of 3 Results