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  1. Newbie Check In!
    Hi all, proud to have purchased my first challenger, and am admittedly not very car smart. I was gifted a set of rims as a congratulations on the purchase, and am not sure whether or not they will fit my 2020 SXT. They are 20x9, offset says 15. CB 74.1 and 5x115. Any help would be greatly...
  2. Wheels And Tires
    Hello everybody, This is my first time coming to this forum and writing a post. I've recently got a Dodge Challenger SXT in B5 Blue. Let me tell you why I chose an SXT over an RT. I'm a college student and want to save up as much as I can. But I needed a new car. I've always been in DEEP...
  3. Exterior
    So recently I have been looking to get black rims but My tires are getting a little worn and I don’t feel like dropping a large amount of money on rims and then to turn around and buy new tires. But I have heard around that the plastics on the rims can be removed and replaced with different...
  4. Dodge Challenger SRT 392 Forum
    Soooo, I’ve been trying to figure out if these rims will fit on my 2016 Challenger SRT 392. They will be a staggered set up: The rims are Voxx Replicas Hellcat Widebody 2 Fronts- 20x9 15-115 +20mm with a 275/40/20tire Rears- 20x11 15-115 +16mm with 315/35/20tire Right now I’m running stock...
  5. Wheels And Tires
    So this past summer we went to a few car shows, and something stood out to us, center caps. I can't tell you how many cars we saw that had color matched interiors and engine bays, only to look at the rims and see they had the black and chrome Dodge symbol center caps. I know quite a few people...
  6. Wheels And Tires
    Hello all, decided on getting a wider set of wheels on my 2009 challenger rt classic. Currently it has the stock 20x8 but want to go at least a 20x9 and would love a 20x9.5 or 10, I haven’t been able to find the exact offset and tire size I need. I think the 20x9 would bolt right on but not sure...
  7. Dodge Challenger Dealer Issues
    Hello everyone, I have a major issue with Dodge of Canada @dodge_canada (FCA of Canada) with regards to a warranty issue over my OEM wheels off my 2016 SRT Challenger. My car has 25000 km (15,500 miles) and was bought in July of 2016; however, the OEM wheels have corrosion around all 4 wheels...
  8. Wheels And Tires
    Does anyone have a recommendation for an 18" rim that can be used with the 6 piston Brembos? Im looking to purchase a T/A-392 with P-zeros, but those tires wont do me much good in upstate New York winters. I prefer to have a separate set of winter tires/rims which I can swap out. I looked...
  9. Wheels And Tires
    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding aftermarket wheels on the dodge challenger body. My question is stemming from a good deal on a set Venetti rims with some staggered tires. I'm awaiting the guy to tell me the tire dimensions so i can see if i will have to mess with my wheel...
  10. Wheels And Tires
    So, I've been looking into buying a new set of rims from JNC (JNCOO4's to be spefic) 18.5 5x114.3 for my 2013 Dodge Challenger. However, I'm concerned because the specs for the Challenger call for a 5x115 bolt pattern. I've read a few forums and they are quite unclear whether or not a 5x114.3...
  11. Paint, Dents, Rust & Repair
    Glad to be here and hoping for help. Just purchased a 2012 Rallye Red Line in Black fully loaded. Love the color contrast of red on black, in both striping and rims. Previous owner took very good care of the car, but never learned how to parallel park. So the red trim on the rims is scraped...
  12. Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2015 Challenger SXT Plus. I have the 20" stock rims/tires. I am purchasing 18" rims to have Winter tires put on those rims. The question I have arises with the TPMS. If I look at a dodge parts website for the 2015, it lists two different numbers for TPMS sensors. 1-#68241067AB which...
  13. Baby got new shoes!

    Found some 22" staggered SRT 10 rims. I get ALOT of compliments on her now! lol
  14. 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic

    Beautiful Florida day.
  15. 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic and 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T

    Me and the wife to the Mopars out to play.
  16. 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic

    Picture day for my baby.
  17. 2012 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic and 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T

    Pictures taken on the Indian River Lagoon
1-17 of 28 Results