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  1. Walldog Murals of Streator, Illinois | Hopalong Cassidy

    The man who created the famous Western character Hopalong Cassidy, Clarence Mulford was born in Streator, IL, in 1883 to a distinguished family that could trace its lineage in this country back to 1643, and in fact more than 20 Mulfords fought in the American Revolution. Hopalong...
  2. Walldog Murals of Streator, Illinois | Glass Capital of the World Mural

    Because of the immediate availability of coal deposits and the nearby mining of silica sand, Streator became the ideal location for the production of glass products. In 1880, a window-glass manufacturing plant was established. When this enterprise demonstrated that glass could be produced...
  3. Walldog Murals of Streator, Illinois | WWII Canteen

    The WWII Canteen Mural reflects upon the spirit of Streator's WWII Canteen. The canteen opened on Nov.26, 1943. During World War II, many of the troop trains came through the Streator Santa Fe station. Local citizens organized the Track side Streator Free Canteen, one of hundreds of canteen...
1-3 of 3 Results