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  1. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    Has anyone heard when the Scat Pack stage kits will finally be released my direct connection? I’ve been waiting since early 2022. From the moment they mentioned they were making them I’ve been anticipating their arrival but to no avail. I’d love to get more HP/TQ with a factory backed warranty...
  2. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    Ever since I bought my Scatpack been spending a lot of money ways make her sexier and now all I can think of ways to make her faster, feel like I’m addicted and scared I’m gonna end up with a procharger soon(Yes I know if that’s the case I should’ve gone with a hellcat ) Who else goes through...
  3. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Hello! ☺️ I’m a female with a 2018 TorRed Scatpack Challenger. So with this info about my car, does anyone have any badass license plates ideas?
  4. SRT-8 6.4L Exhaust
    What’s up everyone . I had a mid muffler and resonator delete in my ‘18 ScatPack Challenger and the guy who did it said if I wanted it louder to do an H pipe as opposed to the stock X pipe ? Has anyone done that ? Would it sound more aggressive? Having the mid muffler & resonator delete sounds...
  5. SRT-8 6.4L Exhaust
    I was in the comments section of a YouTube Video about active exhaust fixes for ScatPacks. One of the commenters mentioned that in 2019+ Model ScatPacks that you can remove the connector spring for the AEV and the car will not throw a code? So I simply had to scurry over here and ask if...
  6. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    I was just running out to get coffee this morning when my check engine light came on. I was going downhill not even 2 minutes from my house and I saw that the light had came on. I turned on to the main road and my car would not shift out of 3rd gear. I went down the road riding at 3500-4000...
  7. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    i have a 2011 srt8 that i blew the motor on. I found a cheap reman long block from a 2019 scat pack. What exactly is different from the years and what do i need to do to get it running?
  8. Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 6.4L HEMI
    Have you guys seen this video of Jannetty Racing’s Scatpack Widebody with just long tube headers and Hellion twin turbo setup making 760+ whp at 10 psi of boost. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow @thick_indigo_scatpack on instagram and YouTube.
  9. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Curious if anyone has needed a new motor because of oil shavings in the oil control valve. My 15 Scat Pack had the gas cap light and check engine indicator on because of the UB4 recall (been on back order since April 2019 in California) but engine started running terribly recently. First...
  10. Dodge Challenger Drag Racing Discussion
    Hi! Been around the LS camp for a bit, had many Fbodies, currently for the last 11 years have a 2002 Trans Am WS6, sbe LS1, H/C/I, N/A , A4 full leather interior with suspension work and drag set up, it’s a driver not trailered 3670 race weight.. 1.4x 60’s best 10.9 @122, 6.9’s @97 in 1/8...
  11. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    Hello everyone, I am looking to trade in my SXT in the next year or so for something with a bit more power. I am considering either a new RT or a slightly used scat pack. I've heard that the cost of repairs, parts and insurance are considerably higher with the scat pack vs. the RT. I am hoping...
  12. Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Hello everyone im new to this forum, i would like your help on something, i have a 2019 challenger scatpack widebody, and im thinking of putting the front and rear mopar strut tower brace or maybe just the front, i would like to know if it will make a difference since i have the widebody scat...
  13. Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    I am hoping to get at least $20k on my 2015 SXT+, and then I will purchase a 6-speed scatback. Preferably 2017+ used with low mileage. What are some things I should keep in mind while searching? Also, what's a good price for one these days?
  14. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    I just got my 2018 ScatPack a week ago and I love it. The only thing that really bothers me is the text message alerts. They stop my music and are just plain annoying. Is there a way to just turn off the audio notification? I still want the text to appear on the screen so I can listen to it if I...
  15. Newbie Check In!
    What a difference in power. I got a whole new love for this car. 6.4L. Sweet.
  16. Archive
    Year: 2016 Make: Dodge Challenger Scat Pack 6.4L Mileage: 1,010 miles Title: Clean, in hand, no lien Color: plum crazy purple Transmission: 6 speed manual Interior: Black VIN: 2C3CDZFJ0GH162646 Price: $47,900 Going up for grabs is a 2016 Dodge Challenger SCAT Pack 6.4L V8 Hemi with Procharger...
  17. Newbie Check In!
    South FLA, check out my new Scat Pack, 6M, I'm in love!!!
  18. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    Hello all! I purchased a new 2016 Challenger Scat Pack M6 back in October. I am absolutely in love with this car and have had few problems compared to the one I owned before. I have one concern however. I park my car in my driveway which is on an incline and sometimes I will turn my car over and...
  19. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    OK, so I've pretty much decided I'm doing the ScatPack upgrade to my 2015 RT Plus. This is new to me, so I would love to here some feedback from those that have done their upgrades. Thank you kindly!
1-19 of 22 Results