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  1. Upgraded to 8.4 Uconnect

    Dodge Challenger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    I went on and found a sweet deal on a 8.4 Uconnect from a wrecked 16 Charger RT for only $100 ! I thought it was too good to be true or maybe something was wrong with it. I got the anti theft code from the dealership (for free) and installed it. No issues! The ad said no sirius, no...
  2. UConnect - is it worth it?

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Ok, I've been reading some serious horror stories on here about UConnect. I have finally got my car and am loving the hell out of it. Living in Germany, I can't activate the Sirius service since it doesn't work unless you are in the US. When (or if) I return to the States, I'll activate my...
  3. Free Sirius For The Next Two Weeks

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Check you radio for free SIRIUS, starting today for a two week period. Not every owner will benefit but some might, just tune in to SIRIUS and wait for it to fire up. I received an email notice today about this and will give it a try later.