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  1. Dodge Challenger Interior Mods & Audio / Video
    I went on and found a sweet deal on a 8.4 Uconnect from a wrecked 16 Charger RT for only $100 ! I thought it was too good to be true or maybe something was wrong with it. I got the anti theft code from the dealership (for free) and installed it. No issues! The ad said no sirius, no...
  2. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Ok, I've been reading some serious horror stories on here about UConnect. I have finally got my car and am loving the hell out of it. Living in Germany, I can't activate the Sirius service since it doesn't work unless you are in the US. When (or if) I return to the States, I'll activate my...
  3. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Check you radio for free SIRIUS, starting today for a two week period. Not every owner will benefit but some might, just tune in to SIRIUS and wait for it to fire up. I received an email notice today about this and will give it a try later.
1-3 of 3 Results