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  1. Exhaust mds code?

    5.7L Exhaust
    New to the forum and I have a question that I don’t see a lot. I drive a 16 rt a8 and I’m looking to get a new exhaust and been saving up for a borla atak for a bit, but I recently found out the slp loudmouth for the 08-14 5.7 fit with only 1 hangar that’s out of place. My only concern is that I...
  2. Choosing an Exhaust - Flowmaster Outlaw v. SLP Loudmouth (II) ?

    5.7L Exhaust
    What's up Z nation!? I figured with the knowledge and experience of a lot of you out there I'd get input for those who would like to... I'm factoring in quality, sound, After a ton of research and countless hours of YouTubing different videos I really like two exhausts quite a bit. I...
  3. For Sale!!new!! Borla Atak#140436, Slp Headers#d30009, 274 Comp Cam Package!!

    Borla Atak #140436 $1100 (reg price $1500) SLP headers #D30009 $1200 (reg price $1500) 274 Comp Cam Package $1500 (reg price $1900) kit includes: 274 Comp cam Includes spring/retainer kit Includes NON MDS lifters (Auto Trans) Head bolts and gaskets 6.4L VVT $3400 total if all products are...