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  1. Wheels And Tires
    So I'm approaching the winter in the Boston area and I plan to continue driving in most days (on blizzard days, I'll likely remain at home) I'm realize the tires I have now are shit for the snow or rain (stock, I think) so I'm looking for something that I can use all year round ideally as long...
  2. Wheels And Tires
    Does anyone have a recommendation for an 18" rim that can be used with the 6 piston Brembos? Im looking to purchase a T/A-392 with P-zeros, but those tires wont do me much good in upstate New York winters. I prefer to have a separate set of winter tires/rims which I can swap out. I looked...
  3. Wheels And Tires
    HELP.... Just bought myself a 2017 Challenger RT RWD stick shift. Yeah, I know not a good choice for where I live but I am also in FL a lot. I have no idea what sort of tires to buy for this car. I have already decided I am going to weigh down the back with sand bags. But tires I am confused...
1-3 of 4 Results