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  1. Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Hello everyone. I have seen a lot of topics on this forum regarding suspension lowering, but did not find any opposite. My 2019 Challenger R/T has Suspension Performance Package Genuine Mopar Performance Suspension Upgrade Kit Stage 2 - P5155435AD | Mopar Genuine Parts (from the factory, I...
  2. Dodge Challenger GT AWD Forum
    Got a new ‘19 GT AWD and was hoping to get rid of this wheel gap soon. I heard if I run lowering springs, I would have to replace my shocks. Can anyone educate me on this? Also looking for any good coilover brand that is a decent price so I can lower it with new wheel setup
  3. Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Hey all, I just got my Eibach sport lines installed and happen to be very unimpressed so at this point, I'm just gonna get some BC coil-overs. If anyone can help with what spring rate I should be using for the front and rear that would be awesome. I'm looking for a stiffer but yet comfortable...
  4. Newbie Check In!
    Hi all i just bought a 2015 srt paulie
  5. Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    I am thinking about the KW H.A.S springs. If you have them installed I would like your opinion and some pictures. I am aware of potential alignment issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Hey all, been a while! It is time to replace my stock shocks and springs and instead of just getting factory ones I thought I might get a nice after market set and improve the handling a little but it seems all the kits I find online will lower the car. I am in the North East, run snow tires in...
1-6 of 14 Results