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  1. Dodge Challenger SRT 392 Forum
    Soooo, I’ve been trying to figure out if these rims will fit on my 2016 Challenger SRT 392. They will be a staggered set up: The rims are Voxx Replicas Hellcat Widebody 2 Fronts- 20x9 15-115 +20mm with a 275/40/20tire Rears- 20x11 15-115 +16mm with 315/35/20tire Right now I’m running stock...
  2. Sun came out

    Snapped a couple pics
  3. Sun came out

    Snapped a couple pics
  4. Driver's Seat

    Didn't want to go in the house!
  5. At home

    After years of dreaming about it--finally an SRT in the driveway!
  6. At the dealer

    Just finished test drive
  7. His-n-Hers

    Next to wife's Durango
  8. Newbie Check In!
    Hey there Challengerfourmz--Finally got my dream car last weekend--a '15 Granite Crystal SRT 392 Challenger. Looking forward to all the sage wisdom and advice the members have to offer.
  9. Newbie Check In!
    Is there a SRT 392 Specific forum on this site?
1-12 of 12 Results