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  1. fellow Challenger family feedback what does what IRS

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Ok. Done some searching and find lots of opinions.. lets hear from experience. The guys at BMR are great (frank and glenn) an have good How to install, but there is no help on how to setup, what each component does when you adjust it. This can be a good guide after feed back for all of us when...
  2. St coilovers fs

    Dodge Challenger Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    I have some st coilovers that were taken off a 17 challenger rt. Will fit all lx platforms though. There is about 10k miles on them. I took them off due to lease return. Located in the Los Angeles area. Can ship if you're willing to pay. Any questions please message me. "Asking $650" Thanks
  3. lower Trailing arms: non adjustable, adjustable??? which ones???

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    been doing some research and want to buy some trailing arms to hopefully control the ridiculous wheel hop I get on my Scat Pack. BMR seems to have some nice products but I don't know if I should go with a non-adjustable, single adjustable, or on car adjustable. New territory for me with...
  4. R/T Base vs Performance Suspension and Super Track pak 2019

    Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
  5. Best Suspension and Handling Upgrades for Challengers?

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Hey everyone, I am at a point where I am deciding which route to go with the build of my car. I have gotten on board with drag racing the car at test and tune and just having a good time with it, but also recently i have taken an interest in tracking or autocrossing the car, i know it is not...
  6. 2015 SRT sublime green

    Newbie Check In!
    Hi all i just bought a 2015 srt paulie
  7. Wheel adapters 5x115 to 5x114.3

    Wheels And Tires
    Is anyone running wheel adapters on their car, I know some people will just try and fit a wheel that's 5x114.3 on theirs because the difference is minimal. But I don't want to risk that, has anyone used an adapter on their car any problems with doing so. Or if anyone advises against running an...
  8. Staggered or symmetrical setup

    Wheels And Tires
    I'm trying to decide between a staggered wheel and tire setup or a symmetrical one. What is every else running? Any reason you prefer the staggered or symmetrical setup, and also how wide of a wheel can you fit up front and in the rear I was looking at maybe 9.5 up front and 10 in the rear for...
  9. Hurst Clearance Event

    Hurst Performance
    Hurst Clearance Event is going on now! Looking to score a great deal on great performance? Hurst is now offering clearance specials on parts that you enjoy at a price that you will love. Take a second and check out our selection of items currently listed and see what we have available for your...
  10. Corrosion protection coating?

    Dodge Challenger GT AWD Forum
    Are you getting any? If so, which and how much do you expect it should cost? I plan to keep my GT for as long as its functional so I'm thinking about it, and probably about some anti-chip film on the bumpers. I'll ask about those in a separate thread though.
  11. Lifting 2015 Challenger R/T 1.5-2 inches from stock height.

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    It seems rather rare, being everywhere I look, people rather lower it. Looking into buying a 15 challenger R/T very soon and this will be the very first mod I have done on her. I've seen multiple V6 models with my desired height from stock, and all R/Ts are noticeably lower. Has anyone...
  12. BC Coilovers Spring Rates etc

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    For anyone who has BC coils on their challenger if you don't get a custom spring rate what is the spring rate set to? Or if anyone has a spring rate that they like what do you have yours set at? The challenger is my everyday car for the most part but I want to increase its handling a little bit...
  13. Coilovers for lowering SXT 2017

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Hi all , i have just bought a Challenger SXT with the Blacktop package. It doesn't really look good and i believe that i should lower it at least by 1.5 inch. I understand i should go for a coilover solution. Is it better to go with the Mopar coilovers or other solutions? like Eibach ...
  14. Hurst Elite Series Promo Video

    Hurst Performance
    Hurst is the past, present and future of American muscle. All of the Hurst Elite Series performance products featured in this video are available on our website, and through finer retailers nationwide. Request a Hurst Elite Series performance package at your local...
  15. Any non lowering shocks/spring replacements for an 09 R/T?

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    Hey all, been a while! It is time to replace my stock shocks and springs and instead of just getting factory ones I thought I might get a nice after market set and improve the handling a little but it seems all the kits I find online will lower the car. I am in the North East, run snow tires in...
  16. Sale!: Huge Holiday Savings on Hurst Performance Products in December

    Hurst Performance
    Time to start checking those parts off the list. We are offering instant rebate savings of up to $75 off of any qualifying Hurst purchase made in the month of December. These deals aren't available online so if you'd like a quote, give us a call at (707) 544-4761. Happy Holidays!
  17. Sale!: HURST --- Black Friday: Week of Savings---Lowest Prices of the Year

    Hurst Performance
    These are the savings that you’ve been waiting for. Our Black Friday deals begin Monday, November 21st and run through the end of the day Monday, November 28th. Get those part numbers ready! We will post the details of our offer in this thread, on our website, and across...
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  19. Hurst Stage 1 Spring Kits for the 2011-2016 Challenger R/T and SRT8

    Hurst Performance
    Hurst Stage 1 Spring Kits for the 2011-2016 Challenger R/T and SRT8 - Part #6130010 Application: Fits 2011-2016 Dodge Challenger R/T and SRT8 Models Features: The Hurst Stage 1 Spring Kit is an excellent choice for firming up the handling of your car and giving it that 'Just Right' stance...
  20. Attention!: Introducing the Hurst Elite Series Program

    Hurst Performance
    Introducing the Hurst Elite Series Program Have you always wanted to buy a Hurst-built performance car, but just couldn't afford the high price tag? Now you can build your own version of a modern day Hurst car at the pace you desire and a cost that you can afford. Our engineers have been hard...