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  1. Achieving Stock R/T Numbers

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    I'm starting this thread to document and show people what I am doing to try and beat a 2015+ stock R/T 5.7L Challenger with my SXT. I'm specifically referring to quarter-mile times. I understand that times like 0-60, 330 foot, etc. will follow as well when trying to gain a faster quarter mile...
  2. What my V6 sounds like!

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    The first upgrade I did to my SXT Plus was a cold air intake from aFe Power. The last thing I was expecting when installing this mod was to gain a roar from the engine. After installing it and taking my car on its first test drive I heard my engine growl at me. I was amazed at the sounds coming...
  3. 3.9 LSD on 2018 sxt+

    Dodge Challenger Chassis - Suspension
    I have a 2018 Challenger sxt+ and am looking to get the speedlogix 3.9 LSD on my car. I am wondering if it will bolt right up. It says it’s for 15-19 392’s so I think I might need new axles or a driveshaft but I’m not sure. Also would I need to tune my transmission and speedo if I do this? Can...
  4. Need help figuring out part name or number

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    My challenger was recently in a accident and I’m trying to figure out what part this is that needs to be replaced or will I have to replace the entire bumper ? Thanks
  5. 9012 LED Bulbs that work?

    Custom Challenger Interior and Exterior Lighting
    Hey all, I’m new the to forum and I have searched through and haven’t found many posts that are up to date with options. I literally have purchased four pairs with the canbus device. None of them work, and If they do, they randomly go out. One blew my fuse. My thought on them going randomly...
  6. Suggestions for halos & stripe for Red Octane

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    Hi, I just purchased a 2018 SXT plus and I love it, best thing I ever bought! It’s Octane Red and I’m asking for any suggestions on what color halos to get as well as opinions on white or black stripe(s). I’m just undecided and obviously very new here, but I love my car and I appreciate any...
  7. Trading in SXT+ for Scatpack

    Prospective Buyers - Question and Answer Forum
    I am hoping to get at least $20k on my 2015 SXT+, and then I will purchase a 6-speed scatback. Preferably 2017+ used with low mileage. What are some things I should keep in mind while searching? Also, what's a good price for one these days?
  8. CAI for 3.6 V6

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    So I have been debating on whether or not to do this. Also been debating if I do, which one? So... Any input or your experiences? I have been leaning towards the Air Raid and the K&N (non-oiled). Any help or input is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Throttle Body Spacer

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - SXT - 3.6L
    Hey Guys. My name is Young and just bought a Throttle Spacer for my 2015 Challenger, I posted a review, so check out the link and tell me what you think. Im new to cars and would like some feedback on how to improve.
  10. Replacement Rocker panel covers

    Custom Challenger Exterior Mods - Body
    I had the misfortune of misjudging a curb and ripping and cracking the rocker panel molding (the black plastic trim from the door sill downwards) on the passenger side. Now I have a long strip of painted metal just asking to get rusty. The car is a white 2012 Dodge Challenger SXT (Plus). Are...
  11. MRR GF9 & FS01 Wheels...Anyone?

    Wheels And Tires
    Well, this wheel search is more involved than I thought. Has anyone fitted MRR wheels to their Challenger, especially either the Ground Force series (GF9) or the FS1/FS2 types? My Challenger is 20x8, 5x115, OE 24, and BS 5.44. Even if you don't have the MRRs, perhaps you might know if such...
  12. 114.3 Bolt Pattern: Will it work??

    Wheels And Tires
    So, I've been looking into buying a new set of rims from JNC (JNCOO4's to be spefic) 18.5 5x114.3 for my 2013 Dodge Challenger. However, I'm concerned because the specs for the Challenger call for a 5x115 bolt pattern. I've read a few forums and they are quite unclear whether or not a 5x114.3...
  13. New to the Z...

    Newbie Check In!
    Hey New Challenger Friends I wanted to say hey and share some information and looking to connect with local owners from time to time. I purchased my challenger in May 2016 and I am absolutely in heaven with this car. I have a passion for cars....i may not know much but i do appreciate em...
  14. Just bought a 2016 SXT Plus...

    Newbie Check In!
    and I'm in love. If I could say I had a dream car, this was it. And now it's mine. :) Ever since the changes to the '15 model, I really really wanted it. My old car was a 2007 impala, so this is a definite upgrade. I wanted the Super Track Pak for the lowered suspension. I just feel it looks...