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  1. Tire Pressure Monitoring System problem

    Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Hi, a while ago one of the tire pressure monitoring sensors broke, and I saw this: I went to the shop for them to replace it with a new one and today they did. They also said they reprogrammed all four (and obviously charged for it). However, shortly after leaving the shop I saw the following...
  2. TPMS Malfunction Indicator? Is it because I upgraded wheels & tires??

    Wheels And Tires
    Yesterday, my Challenger started indicating a TPMS malfunction (light flashes for 1 minute, then steady). This morning, I made sure the PSI readouts on the dash are correct (they are). Discount Tire scan-checked the sensors today and they're all good. Anyone else seen this and found out why...
  3. TPMS Reset Question

    Wheels And Tires
    My right rear tire was a few pounds low and that was per the TPMS warning. I checked it and it was in fact a few pounds low, my tire gauge read the same pounds of pressure per the TPMS warning. So, I inflated to proper specs, but the TPMS will not reset, warning light still on. Instructions say...
  4. New Tpms With Winter Tires On Seperate Rims Question

    Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2015 Challenger SXT Plus. I have the 20" stock rims/tires. I am purchasing 18" rims to have Winter tires put on those rims. The question I have arises with the TPMS. If I look at a dodge parts website for the 2015, it lists two different numbers for TPMS sensors. 1-#68241067AB which...