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  1. ABS sensor

    So I had a code that said my front left speed sensor was reading different than the rest and one other code saying readings were sparratic. I bought a front wheel speed sensor to replace it and now I get a code for an incorrect part. Was talking to some guys at my shop and we are thinking the...
  2. Traction Control Light after Replacing Turn Signal

    I replaced my turn signal module on my 12' challenger RT (the whole module not just the switch) When I turned on the engine, the car recognized the new part, and my Traction Control light has stayed on, which disables cruise control. All other functions on the steering wheel work, such as...
  3. Anyway to "Tune" off traction control 5.7 RT?

    Challenger Performance Mods - Engine - 5.7L HEMI
    Hi I am seeing many posts that explain how to turn off traction tin and stability on a scat pack or higher. Is there anything you can do when you tune to shut it off on a tune? I'll be using an HP Tuner. I also am looking to find out if there is a possibility to have your factory PCM unlocked...
  4. 2lbs PSI the Difference btw Hook and Spin?

    Wheels And Tires
    Been playing around on my new Summer Tires (Continental ExtremeContact Sports). Sometimes I can get em to hook *perfectly*. And I do mean perfect. When they hook, its feels great. You can just feel em grab, no spin, and the car seems to even pull down a bit in the back. Other times they spin...
  5. Winter driving a Dodge Challenger: Traction Control OFF

    Dodge Challenger Videos
  6. Esp Bas (traction Control Warning Lights)

    Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Has anyone had this problem with the ESP BAS light coming on and staying on? Also, it basically comes on and off when it wants to... I've taken it to the dealer and they told me that the "STEERING CONTROL MODULE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED". This part cost $718.00 by itself. Has anyone experienced...