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  1. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Just purchased a new 2021 challenger scat pack 1320. I got the extended warranty and feel I made a mistake. I can cancel it if I have to. Been watching YouTube videos and seems the dealer is refusing work just by plugging in to the computer and seeing if ur racing it or on it hard. Has anyone...
  2. Dodge Challenger Electrical Problems and Questions
    Hi, my passenger side power windows on my 2018 challenger stopped working when I open the door windows don’t automatically go down and when I close it doesn’t go up. How can I fix this? Would warranty cover it if I take it to the dealership? Thank you!
  3. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Hey All, Just picked up my '16 SRT 392 from having more warranty work done, and just remembered that I forgot to look into the Mopar Maximum Care extended warranty. My 3yr/36k is up in about a month and am looking at options, as I plan on keeping the car forever. If you have purchased or have...
  4. Dodge Challenger Dealer Issues
    Hello everyone, I have a major issue with Dodge of Canada @dodge_canada (FCA of Canada) with regards to a warranty issue over my OEM wheels off my 2016 SRT Challenger. My car has 25000 km (15,500 miles) and was bought in July of 2016; however, the OEM wheels have corrosion around all 4 wheels...
  5. Dodge Challenger Mechanical Problems and Questions
    Today on my way to work my transmission started acting up. I try to accelerate and it jerks really bad going to the next gear. Drove on the slow lane the whole time. I have an apt with the dealer next week since im still covered by warranty. My question is, will some of my mods void the...
  6. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Forum
    Took my new 16 Challenger Scat Pack in for latest Uconnect update, the one from April 29th. As the dealer was trying to install it, the radio completely crashed and would not come back on. They now have to order a new radio through Chrysler. Funny thing, a couple hours prior to finding this out...
1-6 of 6 Results