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  1. Hyper black aluminum forged wheels

    Dodge Challenger Parts for Sale - Trade - WTB.
    4 20 x 9 Hyper Black Aluminum Forged Wheels. Lee than 2 years old. $1095 obo Perfect condition
  2. AWD GT Widebody Conversion

    Custom Challenger Exterior Mods - Body
    Well, its about that time I do my widebody install. I just got my widebody kit from Auto Ventshade and I'm going to be installing it in the next couple weeks. The only issues I'm having is whether or not to go with spacers for my OEM wheels; or to get Hellcat widebody wheels. I'm strongly...
  3. Wheel/Tire Suggestion for an SRT8

    Wheels And Tires
    I'm new to the forum, so hello! Based in WV, and I picked up my 2012 Challenger SRT8 from Matthews, NC with 22,023 miles on it. Pics soon :) It's come to my attention that I need new tires. Car is completely stock but my Eagle F1s do not hook up, even when there was tread on them. I have the...
  4. Lug Nut for aftermarket wheel - 2014 Challenger

    Wheels And Tires
    So I've recently bought a used 2014 Challenger RT, and can't find out what kind of lug nut my wheels take. I've had a similar problem in the past with a flat I got and both the tow truck guy who helped me out and the tire shop I went to couldn't find the right lug nut for the job. does anyone...
  5. FAQ Answer? Here's my 305/35R20 on 20x10 (+24 offset)

    Wheels And Tires
    Here's some info about my recent wheel and tire upgrade, in case someone else can benefit from it. This is my 2011 R/T Classic with the Super Track Pak option and no suspension mods. My goal was to put the WIDEST possible tire on the rear without messing up alignment, handling, etc. and without...
  6. Wheel adapters 5x115 to 5x114.3

    Wheels And Tires
    Is anyone running wheel adapters on their car, I know some people will just try and fit a wheel that's 5x114.3 on theirs because the difference is minimal. But I don't want to risk that, has anyone used an adapter on their car any problems with doing so. Or if anyone advises against running an...
  7. Wheel Offset

    Wheels And Tires
    I want to run a 20x10.5 wheel in the rear but I'm having an issue figuring out what offset to run so that the wheel wont go past the fender, the options are 15mm and 20mm offsets, if anyone has a 20x10.5 in the rear and knows what offset they are running can you post here with a picture of it as...
  8. Aftermarket Rims & Tires fitment

    Wheels And Tires
    Hello everyone, I have a quick question regarding aftermarket wheels on the dodge challenger body. My question is stemming from a good deal on a set Venetti rims with some staggered tires. I'm awaiting the guy to tell me the tire dimensions so i can see if i will have to mess with my wheel...
  9. Staggered or symmetrical setup

    Wheels And Tires
    I'm trying to decide between a staggered wheel and tire setup or a symmetrical one. What is every else running? Any reason you prefer the staggered or symmetrical setup, and also how wide of a wheel can you fit up front and in the rear I was looking at maybe 9.5 up front and 10 in the rear for...
  10. Wheels for the Track

    Wheels And Tires
    Hi all trying to do some research on some wheels to eventually take my car to the track (a road course not drag strip), Im looking for anyone who has a suggestion of a good reliable brand that still has a look to complement the car, I'm also hoping that new wheels will shave some pounds off from...
  11. 114.3 Bolt Pattern: Will it work??

    Wheels And Tires
    So, I've been looking into buying a new set of rims from JNC (JNCOO4's to be spefic) 18.5 5x114.3 for my 2013 Dodge Challenger. However, I'm concerned because the specs for the Challenger call for a 5x115 bolt pattern. I've read a few forums and they are quite unclear whether or not a 5x114.3...

    Dodge Challenger Drag Racing Discussion
    I'm not sure if this topic has been brought up in another thread but I am in need of some help. by the looks of it, throwing a drag radial on the stock 20's almost doubles the cost of the tire compared to a 17 inch rim. what is the best option as far as a cheap wide wheel? I would rather get...