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  1. Snow-PAR!!!


    Been driving my 2012 Challenger R/T 6M through the north Idaho winter. Just drove in an ice storm, no problems! only mods are for winter: Nitto NT90W winter tires on all 4 and Mopar OEM Splash guards. No problems yet. Mopar or No Car!
  2. Best winter tire?

    Wheels And Tires
    Just installed my winter tires at the shop. I've been driving on these Nokian winter tires for the past 6 years. 5 of them on my ex-Magnum SXT and since last year on my Challenger R/T. I personnaly love them but wanted to hear my mechanic(s) opinion. Here's my visit at the shop Which winter...
  3. Winter driving a Dodge Challenger: Traction Control OFF

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  4. T/A 392

    T/A 392

  5. New Tpms With Winter Tires On Seperate Rims Question

    Wheels And Tires
    I have a 2015 Challenger SXT Plus. I have the 20" stock rims/tires. I am purchasing 18" rims to have Winter tires put on those rims. The question I have arises with the TPMS. If I look at a dodge parts website for the 2015, it lists two different numbers for TPMS sensors. 1-#68241067AB which...