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    I recently tried out line lock on my 2018 scat for the first time. I only had sport traction on and I didn't have traction all the way off. Still did a pretty sweet burnout with no problem or struggles. Does traction control turn fully off while using line lock from the taser? also in anyway...
  2. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    I have a 2020 challenger RT with 8.4 inch screen and the super track pack already in my car. So is it worth $300 to buy the tazer to unlock features such as track mode and ECO mode? What all will it be able to do in my car?
  3. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    Hey there! Newbie here. Had a question about the Tazer by ZAutomotive. Has anyone used it on a Challenger with the 7 inch rather than the 8.4 inch UConnect screen? I emailed support and they assured me it would work, but I was wondering what features will/wont work because of the screen. Thanks...
  4. Dodge Challenger General Discussion
    This is for WorkPlayDrive and NoESP... There are several unrelated posts I've come across here, which touch on this subject, but I have not seen one dedicated to this subject (or I have not seen one, so forgive me if there is one). Apparently, there are a lot of requests for this in regards to...
1-4 of 5 Results