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So let me start by saying i am an auto tech and have the tools,experience and knowledge to be able to make this swap.
Ive always liked the new challenger body. I didnt want to run out and buy one only to tear it a part and put back together the way i want it to look and run.
I want a new body Challenger with a 440 old school engine and 6 speed manual trans. I like the +15 interior also. This is the end results im after.
So march of 2019 i bought a sxt from co part auction for 1200 in W.V. i jumped in my truck attached the trailer and drove from Tampa to W.V. to pick it up. Front end was destroyed. Bags blown. Doors back was fine except the trunk lights. I bought used fenders went to Dodge and purchased a Redeye hood. Went on line and bought a Duraflex nose.(would not recommend this). I took the time to replace the busted parts and get the car up and running. I purchased a used set of the black 20 inch wheels that come on the new bodies for 300.00 For all 4.
So at this point car runs and body is repaired but not painted yet. Then i stumbled on a 2015 r/t with 25k miles and 6 speed. It was marked in the auction as a sxt. Car was destroyed. It hit a tree. Won the auction for 1900. Car was in N.J. had it shipped to Tampa.
I get the car here and put it on an older rollback that i own with a steel bed so i could move it easily while dismantling. One night im working on it and have the bed at an angle. It starts to rain so i get out of the rain while it passes. Hear a loud boom and area lights up like day light. After the rain passes i notice a burned spot in the hood and front fuse box is melted and smoking. Lightning stuck the donor car!!!
It came with no key, no shifter ball,throttle body ripped off and intake was busted also. Passenger side of car was destroyed, bags blown. Car had cloth seats.
I stripped the car down to bare chassis taking EVERYTHING out. I stripped the interior out of the '11 from the back to the front leaving car to still run and drive.
I purchased a set of long tube headers, 95mm throttle body and a Holley sniper intake. Modified the intake to accept the 95mm throttle body. Also modified the 5.7 timing cover to clear the throttle body.
Then on a friday night i drove the '11 up on the rack and stripped rest of car.
I reused the 2011 subframe with slight modifications to accept the 2015 rack. Installed new mounts. I dropped the 5.7 onto the subframe and bolted the headers on. The chassis of these cars are built to be manual. No need to cut a hole. Dodge modifies them to make them automatic. I put the subframe with engine and trans back into the car with the 5.7. I took out the rear carriage and swapped in the 2015 carriage complete. Has 3.90 lsd rear. Donor car also had Borla complete exhaust. That got swapped in also. Took the whole weekend to make the swap including the body,engine harness. The abs pump was damaged and harness was cut bad. Bought a used pump and a buddy had a '15 charger that was totaled from an accident so i cut the abs plug off and soldered it in.
I purchased a used '15 dash and air bags for 600. Switched the dash harness out and with the help of my wife installed the dash. Its heavy.
Next came the intake. The factory injectors do not fit correctly so few minor modifications was made. Same with the map sensor retainer and evap line. I took pics to show what i did to it all in case someone wants to do the same.
Next was the key. I took a used key and programmed the fob myself. I came across a guy who was selling SRT leather seat covers for all the seats. Purchased these because the miles was close to mine. Stripped the cloth off and swapped to leather. Next was the doors. Stripped them down and made the swap also.
This puts us up to now. Car runs,sounds amazing. Brake lines are different going to the abs pump. They are currently ordered and will be here this week. Windshield is ordered and will be here this week also. Ok let me post pics

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That's a very ambitious project. Glad it is working out for you. We would love to see the finished product. Keep it up!

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Wow, that is a lot of work.
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Got off my lazy a$$ today and built the O2 extensions for the secondary sensors. Longtubes put the sensor under the trans crossmember. Also did the last abs sensor and lights are out on the dash. I ordered rotors,pads and SS hoses for Brembo brakes. Im going to put a few myths to bed hopefully about what it takes to put Brembos on an sxt. If everything ive researched is correct ill spend right at 1000 and everything will be new and car will have brembos on all 4 wheels.
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